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There are many different websites, resources, and information for writers. I wanted to add all this information on the blog, but didn't want to fill it up with tons of post about writing. Upfront payment writing is a great way to make a significant amount of money. Not everyone is interested, so for those of you who are I hope this helps.

Note: please do your research first, as I have not worked on each one individually.

I apologize in advance if I have the details wrong, this is a lot of information to go through.

Upfront Payments / Get paid per article:

1. Iwriter - No resume or writing sample required

2. Article Teller - No resume or writing sample required

3. TextBroker - You need an ID to upload

4. HireWriters - Writing sample needed

5. Zery's - Have to apply to expertise categories, not much work when I log in.

6. Scripted - You have to apply to specialties, I see mainly guides to write.

7. Writers Access - Resume, cover letter, and writing sample needed

8. Blog Mutt - Sorry, I don't have any information

9. Article Document - Have to write for awhile until able to write for upfront payments

10. Ghostblogger - Can write articles for sale

11. Writers Domain - Writing sample needed

12. ArticleSale - Can write articles for sale

13. Words of Worth - Small application required

14. How to Hint - Resume and writing sample required

15. Green light Articles - Scroll all the way down at the bottom and on the right hand corner you should see "apply to be a writer" .... you will need a published writing sample.

16. WriterTown - This is a bit different, you submit articles and if accepted they pay you. You can also earn by ad revenue.

17. Content Authority - Not hiring currently, you can submit an application though for when they are hiring again.

18. About.com - Supposedly pays really good

19. Yahoo Contributor Network

20. Content BLVD

21. Constant Content - Write for sale, although I do see request as well

22. Crowd Content - You will need a writing sample

(these are still upfront payment writing but you submit them, and if the website or company chooses it then you get paid)

1. Funny Text - submit funny stories

2. On Text - They have guidelines

3. ListVerse - You get paid $100 if they accept your list, just be sure to read the guidelines because it needs to be at least 1,500 words

Ad Revenue Websites: (some pay per view but not all)

1. WriterTown

2. Writedge

3. Dailytwocents

4. Squidoo

5. Hubpages

6. Associated Content

7. Yahoo Contributor Network

8. Helium

9. Knoji

10. Bubblews

11. Triond

12. Teckler

13. Zujava

14. Postanyarticle

15. Seekyt

16. Infobarrel

Here are some more opportunities for writers:

Knoji - This one was confusing to me. You can apply to be a consumer guide, but unsure of all the details.

Dollarstretcher - I think this is more of a submission

WorldStart - This is also a submission

Content Customs - Scroll all the way down to employment opportunities

Tech Writers - More for technical computer writing gigs

Copy Press - Will need 2 published articles 

Allwriting -Academic writing, I just hope this isn't getting paid to write students essays and papers. I'm unsure of all the details so you may want to research some more. It could be writing for academic sites and such. 

Breakstudios - will need writing sample and a resume 

lovetoknow - I applied and never heard back 

makemeheal - Beauty, medical and related articles. Scroll down to jobs and then scroll down again and you should see information about freelance writing. Supposedly pays $20 an article. You will need a resume and 1-2 writing samples.

Independentpublishing - Took me awhile to figure this out. Scroll all the way down to authors and click send inquiry. They really don't give much information as what they want though.

Digital journal - You will need to click on contribute, and then write a news sample article. 

contently - More for journalist, to get published and have writing on the internet

populis create - Not for U.S. 

content current - A quiz, and writing sample but I can't figure out how to do the writing sample

pure content - click on write for us, and then submit your information. You will need a writing sample.

editfast - Submission but if accepted you get $10

inblogads - You get paid to have an ad / link / article on your blog

destination 360 - For traveling writers. Scroll all the way down at bottom and you should see write for us. Then you can apply.

needanarticle - Currently at capacity

mediashower - application is fairly easy but you do need a resume and writing samples

paidforumposting - You have to post in the forum first. It has directions to follow.

copypress - After you apply, they send you directions in your email

ebyline - This is more of a free lance site than writing, but a lot of writing gigs are posted

dailyarticle - Write articles for sale

madcontent - Scroll all the way down and click on apply today, in the right hand corner at the bottom. You will also need an Elance account.

Contentmantra - click on work with us. You can send a resume to the email.

stigmatter - click on careers way down at the bottom. Looks like it is more for people who understand SEO and have a lot of experience as a freelancer

contentrow - application to fill out, you will need 3 writing samples

Writerbay - up at top you should see "apply"

articlealley - more of a submission

ezinearticles - I don't think you get paid for it

goarticles - You can submit articles but I'm unsure if you get paid

articlebase - I don't think you get paid for this one either

(personally I dislike ad revenue writing because I feel that it is a lot of work for little pay, with the exception of bubblews. I may try a few more sites though in my spare time.)

Informative Sites:
(these sites either have job postings, or helpful information for writers)

Coffee Break for Writers

The Writer


Other places / ideas:
writing gigs on Fiverr
Looking on freelance websites for writing gigs

Good luck!