There a quite a few apps that you can make money with. There are some that are created to help you save money as well.

Cash Back on Groceries & Shopping / Saving Money 

Ibotta - Cash back on Groceries and other items. You cash request your money once you reach $5.00 and I believe they pay through paypal.

Shopmium - MYCFCUWW
Cash back on groceries and other items. You get your money with each transaction through Paypal. If you use my referral code you can get a free chocolate bar: MYCFCUWW

Checkout 51 - Cash back on groceries and other items. You can request a check once you reach $20.00

Making Money Apps

Peko -  This is a very fun, somewhat addictive game that actually pays you. You can request your money when you reach $10 but there is a Paypal fee so it will be a little less. It's fun though!

Yappem - Yappem is a great way to earn some gift cards. It's available as an app and a website. You post about brands and products. It is easier as an app since most of the missions / activities will require a photo. They have lots of different gift cards available.

Checkpoints - You earn gift gift cards for checking into places. The payout is low but it is easy to do. If you are interested, my referral code is: brookester11
Brookester11 is my referral code for checkpoints

Isecretshop - if you are interested in mystery shopping you may want to check this out. I don't see too many offers and usually it is just reimbursement, but occasionally I do see some good ones. I doubt it would make a lot of money but may be worth it to go out to eat, or make some extra money.

Websites that have apps:

Swagbucks has two apps: one is called SBTV and the other is Entertainnow

InboxDollars also has an app, it makes it easy to read the emails and check your balance while away from home. Although I didn't see anything special about this app.

Another app you may want to check out is PerkTV, unfortunately my phone is not compatible with them so I can't give any details about it.