Iwriter Vs. Article Teller

Iwriter was the very first website I joined to start writing for upfront payments. At first it was a great experience. I was getting articles approved and learned that you can make a significant amount by writing. In the past I only did writing with ad revenue sharing, and it was barely worth it. When I joined Iwriter I made $25 in two weeks. Compared to $25 in 6 months on helium, that is not bad at all! Some of the articles are low paying, but generally easy. It is taking a very long time for my ratings to increase, which is taking longer to be able to get paid at an higher rate. I've also dealt with a few clients / requester who are difficult. For example they are not specific enough in instructions, or extremely picky. My approval rate is about half of the articles I write.

Then I joined Article Teller. I noticed a few significant improvements from Iwriter. First of all, they are a bit higher paying. Secondly, my approval rate is much higher. I've only received one rejection so far. To be fair, I have only written for Article Teller a couple of times. One of the reasons is because there are usually not that many requested articles. On Article Teller, I see a lot of articles that require some researching. I also see a bit of traveling articles being requested on Article Teller. I recently had an article approved for the highest rate / price I've ever received. I'm somewhat new to writing, especially upfront payment writing so this could change and some may not consider it a good price to be paid.

Advantages of Iwriter:

  • Lots of easy requests 
  • Medium to Lots of requests 
  • Lots of choices of when to be paid 
Disadvantages of Iwriter: 
  • Difficult requester(s)
  • Low ratings that take a long time to increase 
  • Lower paying 
Advantages of Article Teller
  • Higher paying 
  • Easier to deal with requester(s)
Disadvantages of Article Teller
  • Not many requested articles 
  • More difficult / more research for articles requested