It is possible to make a significant amount

Yes, it is. I've been able to make $300 a month, sometimes more. I've also talked to other people who are making up to $800 dollars.

I recommend getting rid of time wasters. Time wasters are not worth your time.

I also recommend keeping track of earnings so you know which website and companies are making you the most money.

Please check out my website

You are more than welcome to look through this blog to learn more about Making money online.

I also have a blog on weebly which is more organized than this:

Thanks for reading,

I hope you learn and earn!

Have a good day!


What is the best website?

In my honest opinion, I don't think there is one. Not for bad reason though. I truly believe that people are earning in so many different ways. Some people do better on certain websites than others. So there is no one best website, but many people have their favorites.

ways to get referrals

While I don't recommend depending or earning solely from referrals, it can definitely help.

Where to promote:
social networks
Car decals
Business cards
Article writing
Comments on websites

I don't recommend traffic exchanges because its not quality traffic.

Free Trials

Occasionally on websites, especially GPT websites there are offers to get paid for free trials. This can be a great way to boost your income and receive a significant amount for barely any work.


Whenever you are signing up for a free trial, I highly recommend to write down the information. I also recommend canceling at least a day or two before the trial is up. This can help you ensure that you are cancelled before you are charged, and still get paid for it.

A word of Caution about Weegy

I started earning with weegy about a week or so ago, and quickly started to enjoy it. I was answering questions. I made sure to google each question that I did not know the answer to. I was almost up to $3.00 in my account. Then I woke up one morning to find out that they had deactivated my account, supposedly because my answers were incorrect. I don't see how that is possible when I searched and even gave reputable links to people.

I'm unsure if this is true or not, but I read from a few places that the moderators don't want anyone doing better than them. I didn't believe it at first but I can see why people think that now.

If you are looking for similar places try here:

Note: I have also read that some people are able to earn up to $80 with Weegy so it is worth a try but I warned you...

MegaTypers is Not worth Your Time!

Today I was looking at some new ways to make money online at home. I came across a website that pays for people to enter captchas. I have a few problems with this site.

1.) Why do they pay people for this?

2.) The extremely low payout.

I tried it and within 20 minutes I earned a whopping 10 cent!

I'm not even going back to cash out because I read that they even have fees for when you do eventually cash out.

So for earning a measly 30 cent per hour, paypal then deducts fees from your earnings.

By the way, I tried it when the rate was the highest.

I don't recommend this to anyone!

Usability Testing

You can get paid to test and evaluate websites. Some sites require a microphone and webcam, while others only require one or none. I should note that it is really hard to find work with these because there is hardly any work available.

Get paid $10 for every test
You will need a microphone

UK but accepts united states

Other sites that pay:




Userlytics - requires webcam

Youeye - requires webcam

I've only been able to successfully do this one time on Usertesting. It was great though. I got paid $10 for about 15 minutes of work. However, ever since then I have seen no work at all.

ListVerse Pays $100 if accepted

ListVerse is a website that has many list such as "Top 10 famous quotes" and so on. You can go through there list and see what they have already.

If you are interested in this opportunity, then click here to submit a list. Or you can go to the listverse website and scroll down to the bottom and click submit a list.

It is a requirement to have at least 1,500 words. I suggest reading the guidelines before submitting the list.

PaidViewPoints - Another great survey site

PaidViewPoints is another great survey website. There aren't too many survey sites I recommend. You can get paid by Paypal and it's fairly easy to sign up with. You even get paid for signing up with them.

Join now!

Iwriter Vs. Article Teller

Iwriter was the very first website I joined to start writing for upfront payments. At first it was a great experience. I was getting articles approved and learned that you can make a significant amount by writing. In the past I only did writing with ad revenue sharing, and it was barely worth it. When I joined Iwriter I made $25 in two weeks. Compared to $25 in 6 months on helium, that is not bad at all! Some of the articles are low paying, but generally easy. It is taking a very long time for my ratings to increase, which is taking longer to be able to get paid at an higher rate. I've also dealt with a few clients / requester who are difficult. For example they are not specific enough in instructions, or extremely picky. My approval rate is about half of the articles I write.

Then I joined Article Teller. I noticed a few significant improvements from Iwriter. First of all, they are a bit higher paying. Secondly, my approval rate is much higher. I've only received one rejection so far. To be fair, I have only written for Article Teller a couple of times. One of the reasons is because there are usually not that many requested articles. On Article Teller, I see a lot of articles that require some researching. I also see a bit of traveling articles being requested on Article Teller. I recently had an article approved for the highest rate / price I've ever received. I'm somewhat new to writing, especially upfront payment writing so this could change and some may not consider it a good price to be paid.

Advantages of Iwriter:

  • Lots of easy requests 
  • Medium to Lots of requests 
  • Lots of choices of when to be paid 
Disadvantages of Iwriter: 
  • Difficult requester(s)
  • Low ratings that take a long time to increase 
  • Lower paying 
Advantages of Article Teller
  • Higher paying 
  • Easier to deal with requester(s)
Disadvantages of Article Teller
  • Not many requested articles 
  • More difficult / more research for articles requested 

Looking for a Real Work at Home Job?

Recently I've been looking for a real work at home job. Initially I thought there was not many out there. However, I was wrong but I haven't found a job yet. Thought I would post this for anyone out there looking.

You might find some by searching "work at home" or "work from home" or a similar keyword phrase.

Note: some jobs still require you to be working in the same state it is hiring.

Where to look:



Snag a Job 

Career Builder 

Glass Door 

You can try this site to find out about more job posting websites. 

You can also look at Craigslist but there are potentially a lot of scams on there, I don't really recommend them. However, I do know someone who found a legit job by Craigslist.

A word of Caution about Emails!!!

If you are constantly looking for work online then chances are you are probably signing up for sites, entering your email address, and other information.

I receive a lot of emails now since I joined quite a bit of different sites to make money. From emails telling me that my articles were approved, survey invitations, news and promotions and occasional junk emails.... that is a lot of emails to go through in one day.

I have learned to check it more often.

I've also noticed that I have received a few "fishy" emails.

Be skeptical of any emails that are sent from people or sites you don't know. 

Be skeptical of people saying they want to hire you in an email, especially from unknown sources. 

Be skeptical of emails that actually look legit but are not. You would be surprised how scams can look so legit. Especially when they try and use the same names or other legit information. 

MicroWork at ClickWorker

For anyone interested in this type of work, you may want to check out clickworker. You may have to do some qualification test or fill out your profile to find any work available. Some people are able to earn a decent amount but I wouldn't count on earning much. It might be good to make some extra bucks each month or whenever in your spare time though.

Get Paid to Listen to Music

You probably have seen the radio loyalty under or on other websites. Did you know that you can actually earn Visa Gift Cards and other items such as electronics using their website? It's actually easy to sign up with they offer a few different rewards. The best ones I've seen are the Visa Gift Cards and the electronics. You probably won't earn that much but if you enjoy listening to music, you could get paid for it.

Sign up for Radio Loyalty here.

Another site that you can get paid to listen to music on is 977music. Right now they are having maintenance and updating so their point system is currently down.

Answer Questions to Make Money

You can get paid to answer questions. Each site is a little different.

Weegy - You can leave the site open and whenever you hear a ding or bell it means that someone is asking a question, you can answer it or choose not to. You have 15 seconds to decide whether or not you want to answer it, or decline it.

A caution about Weegy: They deactivated my account and said my answers were wrong, just wanted to warn people who are interested in this. However, I have read that people are making up to $80 a month with this site alone.

Experts123 - You have to submit a very short profile to be accepted. 

Just Answer - Unless I'm looking in the wrong place then you have to have a degree and working experience but for those of you who have expertise knowledge, it may mean extra income. 

KGB - You have to pass this test, the test is somewhat frustrating but somewhat fun. Once you pass it then you can start work I suppose. You can take the test as many times as you need. I've taken it twice and the last time I almost passed but didn't. Once I pass, I'll write more about it.

WebAnswers - You have to have a google adsense account and you earn by that, but you answer questions also. I particularly don't care for the setup of how you earn so I don't do this one. Thought I would mention it though.

This is new so I don't have proof of payment to show anyone quite yet.

By the way, You can get on the Cha Cha waiting list to be informed when they are hiring again.

Unique Ways to Earn

Almost everyone knows about GPT, and similar websites but there are few sites that are different that aren't as popular or well known....

Humanatic - You get paid to listen to calls and answer a question about how quickly the person was able to talk to a qualified employee. It's easy but somewhat low paying, however they do offer bonuses.

Slice The Pie - You get paid to listen to music and review it. It is one of the higher paying websites available. It can be fun but also annoying.

SnapWire - If you are good at photography then you may want to check it out.

ShutterStock - Supposedly you are supposed to be able to earn from photos if they are accepted.

Sell on Etsy
Sell old college books on Amazon Trade In

If I come across anymore unique ways to earn at home, I will list them here.

Search and Win / Earn

Swagbucks is by far the most popular search and earn, and the best.

Zoombucks is similar if you are looking for ones that are the same type of website.

InstaGC is more of a GPT but you can win points for searching.

I don't recommend GiftHulk....


Chat About pays in Paypal or gift cards to socialize in a forum / social networking type of site.

Diskussable is another forum that pays.

Yappem is an app and website available to post about products and brands, you get paid in gift cards.

Peko is an app that is a game where you can get paid by Paypal.


GPT stands for Get Paid To. When these types of websites were first available on the internet, a lot of people did free trails and earned a significant amount of money. The free trails aren't as available as often as they used to be. The majority of people use them to make extra money but some people do and can earn a significant amount of money.

Minimum payout: $25
Sign up bonus: $5
Paid: Paypal, check, direct deposit

Minimum payout: $30
Sign up bonus: $5
Paid: check

Minimum Payout: $1.00
Paid: check or gift card
Gift cards paid instantly

No minimum payout
Paid by Paypal
Usually paid within 2 days

Minimum payout: $20
Sign up bonus: $5
Paid by: Paypal

Freelance Work (sites)

If you are a freelancer, or just looking for ways to make money you may want to check out these sites:








Virtual Assist Jobs (


(I will write more information about these as I learn more, I'm very new to this type of work and sites.)

Please be careful with this type of work. Do your research. Be aware of scam and scam sites!


There a quite a few apps that you can make money with. There are some that are created to help you save money as well.

Cash Back on Groceries & Shopping / Saving Money 

Ibotta - Cash back on Groceries and other items. You cash request your money once you reach $5.00 and I believe they pay through paypal.

Shopmium - MYCFCUWW
Cash back on groceries and other items. You get your money with each transaction through Paypal. If you use my referral code you can get a free chocolate bar: MYCFCUWW

Checkout 51 - Cash back on groceries and other items. You can request a check once you reach $20.00

Making Money Apps

Peko -  This is a very fun, somewhat addictive game that actually pays you. You can request your money when you reach $10 but there is a Paypal fee so it will be a little less. It's fun though!

Yappem - Yappem is a great way to earn some gift cards. It's available as an app and a website. You post about brands and products. It is easier as an app since most of the missions / activities will require a photo. They have lots of different gift cards available.

Checkpoints - You earn gift gift cards for checking into places. The payout is low but it is easy to do. If you are interested, my referral code is: brookester11
Brookester11 is my referral code for checkpoints

Isecretshop - if you are interested in mystery shopping you may want to check this out. I don't see too many offers and usually it is just reimbursement, but occasionally I do see some good ones. I doubt it would make a lot of money but may be worth it to go out to eat, or make some extra money.

Websites that have apps:

Swagbucks has two apps: one is called SBTV and the other is Entertainnow

InboxDollars also has an app, it makes it easy to read the emails and check your balance while away from home. Although I didn't see anything special about this app.

Another app you may want to check out is PerkTV, unfortunately my phone is not compatible with them so I can't give any details about it.

Writing For Upfront Payments

Writing for upfront payments is a way for writers and freelancers to get paid per article. Each client will post an article they want written, and then the writers and freelancers can write the article and get paid the upfront payment.

I want to listen some advice because this can be frustrating work to get into:

  1. Check the websites often
  2. Carefully read the requesters / clients instructions 
  3. Write the articles you feel comfortable with 
  4. Try to write quality articles for each one 
  5. Realize that there is always a chance your article will be declined 
  6. Choose the articles that you have knowledge about 
  7. Have a resume ready
  8. Have writing samples ready 

Before I list my experience I would like to take a minute and tell you a few problems I've ran into:
  • Clients / requester who are not specific enough in instructions 
  • Clients who are extremely picky 
  • Getting rejected in general 
  • Clients who give you a bad rating 

My experience:

Iwriter is the first website that I joined for writing to make upfront payments. It took me a little less than two weeks to make $25.00. It is one of the lower paying websites available for this type of work, but it is also one of the easiest to start with. I do suggest it for beginners to see what they may be getting themselves into. I don't remember having to submit an application, resume, or writing sample for Iwriter. I think you can create an account and start working.

Article Teller - I have recently started working on this one. I'm seeing higher paying articles being requested than Iwriter BUT a lot of times there are only a few requested articles. Occasionally I see more than a few but not often. I also noticed that my ratings when up significantly faster than Iwriter. I don't remember submitting an application or anything similar with this one either. - This one is a bit more difficult. First of all I'm finding it somewhat confusing. You have the option to write articles and let them sit until someone purchases them. I'll write more as soon as I understand about it more.

Zery's - I don't see a lot of articles on here and usually when I do they are somewhat technical. Although that could be because of the categories I chose to write about. You choose what categories you have "expertise" in and then write in those. You can choose more than one category.

Scripted - Although I see really high paying offers with this one, they are a bit difficult and a lot of requester ask for guides on here. I don't know anything about writing a guide. You also have to be accepted for expertise in certain categories. You may want to click on unclaimed jobs because I never have any that match my profile.

TextBroker - I've heard good things about this one but I haven't been able to write for them yet. They do require you to upload an ID. I'll write more as soon as I can about them.

Constant Content - Looks fairly easy but I don't see many request.

Sky Word - I couldn't get my page to work but you might want to try it

Article Document - This is more work because you have to do a lot of writing and earn from ad revenue before you can write for upfront payments.

BlogMutt - I find this a bit confusing but I think you write blog posts for upfront payments.

Crowd Content - (I'm waiting to be accepted or denied)

When you are paid: 
With these sites you sometimes get to choose when you are paid

Iwriter: You choose when out of these options:
minimim amount: $20
Paid on: Every Tuesday, Every other Wens-day, 5th of month, 25th of month
Paid by: Paypal

Article Teller: You have two options
Minimum amount: $25
Paid on: You choose either 5th or 25th
Paid by: Paypal

Other Writing Sites:
Unfortunately I was declined on these sites but you may want to try for them.

Hire Writers - I think you have to write a writing sample

Writer Access - You need a cover letter, resume, and writing sample

These are places that you can earn money with if they choose to publish your article / story

Funny Text - If you have a funny story you may want to submit it here - You are supposed to get $50 per submission, but I think it is for people who have expert knowledge in certain areas. Worth a try.

Dollar Stretcher - About frugal living and saving money

OnText - There are guidelines you may want to read first

Sites with valuable information:

Coffee  Break For Writers

TheWriter / Writer Mag

Writing For Dollars 

ProBlogger Board

If and when I come across any more information or sites I will list them on here.

Thanks for reading.


With so many opportunities on the internet, it's very easy to get unorganized.

Bookmarks on your computer

With bookmarks you can easily go to the webpage in a click of the mouse. I actually use them to help organize as well. It is possible to create different bookmark folders for different types of websites.

Paper and Pen

Using the paper and pen method can help you write down names of websites, notes, earnings, and any other important information you have. Just make sure you keep it in a safe place.

To Do List

To Do List can actually help with some time management. It can also help you to make sure you did all the work you need done, and not forget anything. There are different ways of having to do lists such as paper and pen, phones, computers, and other ways also.

Tracking Your Earnings

It may help to keep track of your earnings on different websites. This is especially true if you are using more than one site. It helps to be informed about which sites are helping you make the most, and which ones are time wasters.

Organizing Websites

It may help to organize websites. There are a few different ways to do this. You can organize by the type of website or the income it is making. You could also do both.

Time Management

This is difficult for a lot of people, especially with this type of work. It helps to make sure that you are using your time wisely. Personally I prefer to do the websites that are higher earning first, then do the lower earning websites later on in the day.

Avoiding Scams

Never pay to join a website 

Any legitimate website will never ask for a payment to join. You shouldn't have to pay money to make money.

Look for proof of payment

Many websites that are legitimate will post proof of payment. However, just because a website doesn't list this doesn't necessarily mean they are a scam.

Do an internet search

Usually if you search the website or companies name, it will provide information about them. It's fairly easy to read reviews of websites and companies. You can also read what people are saying, to find out if it is a scam or not.

Read Reviews

With so many making money opportunities available on the internet today, it's easy to get overwhelmed and even confused. It's best to read reviews from people who have tried to work for websites and companies. The reviews can also tell you whether or not they are worth your time. Just be careful of people who are trying to get referrals and make the site look and sound really good.

Look the BBB sign, but not everywhere has this 

You can go to if you have a business in a particular location you want to look up.

You can try Scam Adviser but don't take their word

I've used scam adviser myself. However, some websites such as Swagbucks (one of the most popular websites) have a low rating. I myself have been paid by Swagbucks many times so i don't know why they have such a low rating. It still doesn't hurt to look at scam adviser because you can also scroll down and see people's comments.

Search, post, and ask about it in work at home forums and similar places. 

There are actually quite a few different forums and similar places on the internet that you can gather and search information.

Be aware of "get rick schemes"

Be aware of "Pyramid scemes"

Your best bet is to do a search on Google, and Never pay to join a website. 

How to increase earnings

Choose high paying websites as main source of income and / or when making extra money. 

Websites such as Slice the pie, bubblews, and fusioncash can be high paying.

Don't rule out lower income, but multitask with them. 

Websites that are good to multitask with are:



Inbox Dollars

Quick Rewards

Swagbucks - on some activity

Zoombucks - some activity

Chat About - Depends on what other activity you are doing, it's easy to watch videos in the background

Note: some people make more with these websites depending on their activity.

My Honest Reviews

Slice the pie is one of the highest paying websites on the internet. People get paid to write a review of the song that they are listening to. So you are basically paid to write a review of a song. It can be repetitive, and annoying at times when they give you an error message. At the same time though, it is still one of the highest paying websites. I've known and read about people who are making $20 a day from Slice the pie alone. You can increase your earnings by writing quality reviews. You can start out at just doing a few reviews, and just make the minimum payout of $10. This is good for people wanting to make money on the side AND for people who need a significant amount of income while at home.

FusionCash is by far one of the best get paid to websites available. They offer a few different bonuses, and even have a $5 sign up bonus. It takes a month or two to reach the $25 minimum payout but only takes a couple of minutes a day. This website is great for people who are wanting to make some extra money.

InstaGC is another great website for people needing a significant amount of income AND for people who are just wanting some extra cash. It's easy to use and to do. One of the best advantages of this website is the low $1.00 minimum payout. Also, you can choose to do different things to make some money. They also offer different gift cards or a check.

Inbox Dollars is a good website for people who want some extra money but have limited time. It only takes a few minutes a day to read the emails. It does take a couple of months or so to reach the $30 check but if you are more active, then you could achieve a better paycheck.

Quick Rewards is a great website because there is no minimum payout. The easiest way to make money is by watching videos, but there are other ways to earn.

Swagbucks is by far the best Search and Earn website available.

Zoombucks is a similar website to swagbucks. It's not as great, but it comes in second in my honest opinion. They offer a lot of the same ways to earn points.

Chat about is a fun way to earn some money or gift cards. They have a great community, and lots of helpful information.

Yappem is a fun way to earn money. It's available as a website or an app.

Checkout 51 is my favorite cash-back app. Mainly because they offer cash back on the items I usually purchase. However, waiting for a $20 cash out and a check is a little frustrating but I can't complain so much about being able to get cash for buying groceries!

Shopmium is great for two reasons. First of all you get the cash per transaction and you don't even have to request it. Secondly, the offers are usually pretty good.

Ibotta is great, especially for people who use coupons or shop at certain stores frequently. The only disadvantage I see is that it is per store instead of per item. As where checkout 51 and shopmium it doesn't matter which store you go to, you still get the cash back. With Ibotta you also have to do little things like post to facebook, watch a video, answer a question so it may take a few more minutes.

Bubblews is a great place for writers or people who like to socialize. It's one of the higher earning sites available. The great thing is that writers can write about anything they want and they don't have to be accepted such as for upront writing. With bubblews you don't even have to be a writer, you can just post personal stories, recommendations, reviews, or anything you want. It's great because it allows people to make a significant amount of money each month.

Iwriter is great for writers wishing to earn upfront payments. However, it is somewhat low paying and a lot of the clients are quick to decline your articles. It's a good site for writers who are beginners, but there are higher paying websites available.

Article Teller is a bit higher paying than Iwriter although I don't see a whole lot of articles being requested. I also noticed that my rating when up significantly faster than Iwriter, and more of my articles are being approved on Article Teller.

Unique Rewards is a slow earning website, so it is best for people who wish to earn extra money. I usually do the paid to click and cash out every few months or so.

Reward TV is a great way and fun way to earn gift cards but a lot of people struggle to get any because you have to be at the site at the correct time to get any gift cards.

ViewPoints is another great way to earn gift cards by reviewing products and items.

Websites and Things I don't recommend

Before I start posting websites that I don't recommend, I'd like to take a minute and tell you all that what works for some doesn't work for all. So even though I don't recommend these websites, it may be worth a try for some people.

List My Five

Recently I joined List My five, and I thought it was a new and unique concept. However, I quickly realized that I was not earning a penny.


Some writers are able to do great on Helium, but it took me nearly 6 months to make $25

Associated Content 

I struggled with the layout, and earning money with this one.


Even though I've had clients pay for upfront payments, request articles, and favorite me as a writer... Hubpages always denies my articles.

Help Owl

I also thought this was a unique concept. You are supposed to get points for answering and asking questions. I tried it for awhile, but quickly realized that the point system they have is very difficult to achieve anything with. It would take a lot of answering, asking, and time to cash out a $10 amazon gift card. I would only recommend this to people who actually enjoy answering questions, and even then I would make a point to tell them that it would be time consuming.


I hate to put this under not recommended but I have to. It was a time waster for me. I have heard and read that some people are able to make quite a bit by downloading apps or doing other activity but I just found it to be wasting my time. I even have referrals and it took me months to earn a measly $5.00


This is another one that I absolutely hate to put under not recommended. I have earned $200 with this site but I currently can't get any offers approved. I have been trying to cash out for the longest time and I am about to say bye to the $6 I have stuck in my account.


I don't recommend any type of PTC - paid to click website whatsoever. Unless the activity of paid to click is underneath another type of website they are just a waste of time.

Ways to get Amazon Gift Cards Fast

View Points is a website that will pay in gift cards for writing reviews. I'm a VIP review on the site, and I highly recommend them. They are one of the easiest and fastest ways to get an Amazon gift card fast. The site will instantly give you your gift card code once you have accumulated enough points. I always see Amazon as an option, sometimes it is the only option.

Insta GC is another great way to earn Amazon gift cards fast. Since the minimum payout is only a $1.00 it makes it easy to achieve. Plus, this is great for when you only need a couple of dollars to finally check out on Amazon

Swagbucks is also a great way to earn Amazon gift cards quickly. Not only do you save points with redeeming Amazon gift cards, it is fairly easy to earn points with the system on Swagbucks.

While Chat About does offer Paypal, and other gift card options you could always opt for Amazon gift cards.

Survey Sites I recommend

The majority of people (including myself) have been annoyed with survey websites. You start a survey and half way through it tells you that you are disqualified, with nothing to show for it or no reward whatsoever.

So I wanted to take the time and tell you all about survey sites that are worth your time:

Pinecone Research Panel is by far the best survey website on the internet today...but they can be difficult to sign up for. They are not always accepting members so be on the lookout.

Your Word is another good survey website. The surveys will tell you if you are disqualified within a minute or two, instead of half way through the survey. It's fairly easy and quick to earn a gift card with them.

Another good place for surveys is Swagbucks, but some people still struggle to qualify for any. The good thing about the surveys on Swagbucks is that you still get 1 point for up to 5 surveys even when you don't qualify or over quota.