Writers Resources - Part 2

Popular places to try and write: 
These are more of submissions, but most pay good if your article is accepted

Cracked - articles, videos, infographics, and photoshop

ListVerse - Write a top 10 list and get paid $100

Writers Digest - Link has the details

Sun Magazine - Pays really good

Harpers Magazine

Highlights - Stories for children

Yes Magazine

National Publication

(since submissions may be difficult to get, you may want to publish your story on sites such as bubblews after rejection...this way you are at least still getting paid for it.....even if it is a small amount)

More Writing Places:

Content Row - you will need 3 writing samples

Experts Column - Low $5 minimum payout

Xomba - You need a google adsense account

WritersCash - You need a resume, cover letter, and you have to take a test

Wizzley - I heard a lot of complaints that this was not worth the time

SirGo - Easy to register, I think it is a new site

Fool Network - more of a submission, about investing

HongKiat - Sumbission, about tutorials

Helpful Sites: 

Poetry and Writing Contest

Writing Forum 

Writer Beware Blog

Good Luck!