Writing For Upfront Payments

Writing for upfront payments is a way for writers and freelancers to get paid per article. Each client will post an article they want written, and then the writers and freelancers can write the article and get paid the upfront payment.

I want to listen some advice because this can be frustrating work to get into:

  1. Check the websites often
  2. Carefully read the requesters / clients instructions 
  3. Write the articles you feel comfortable with 
  4. Try to write quality articles for each one 
  5. Realize that there is always a chance your article will be declined 
  6. Choose the articles that you have knowledge about 
  7. Have a resume ready
  8. Have writing samples ready 

Before I list my experience I would like to take a minute and tell you a few problems I've ran into:
  • Clients / requester who are not specific enough in instructions 
  • Clients who are extremely picky 
  • Getting rejected in general 
  • Clients who give you a bad rating 

My experience:

Iwriter is the first website that I joined for writing to make upfront payments. It took me a little less than two weeks to make $25.00. It is one of the lower paying websites available for this type of work, but it is also one of the easiest to start with. I do suggest it for beginners to see what they may be getting themselves into. I don't remember having to submit an application, resume, or writing sample for Iwriter. I think you can create an account and start working.

Article Teller - I have recently started working on this one. I'm seeing higher paying articles being requested than Iwriter BUT a lot of times there are only a few requested articles. Occasionally I see more than a few but not often. I also noticed that my ratings when up significantly faster than Iwriter. I don't remember submitting an application or anything similar with this one either.

GhostBlogger.net - This one is a bit more difficult. First of all I'm finding it somewhat confusing. You have the option to write articles and let them sit until someone purchases them. I'll write more as soon as I understand about it more.

Zery's - I don't see a lot of articles on here and usually when I do they are somewhat technical. Although that could be because of the categories I chose to write about. You choose what categories you have "expertise" in and then write in those. You can choose more than one category.

Scripted - Although I see really high paying offers with this one, they are a bit difficult and a lot of requester ask for guides on here. I don't know anything about writing a guide. You also have to be accepted for expertise in certain categories. You may want to click on unclaimed jobs because I never have any that match my profile.

TextBroker - I've heard good things about this one but I haven't been able to write for them yet. They do require you to upload an ID. I'll write more as soon as I can about them.

Constant Content - Looks fairly easy but I don't see many request.

Sky Word - I couldn't get my page to work but you might want to try it

Article Document - This is more work because you have to do a lot of writing and earn from ad revenue before you can write for upfront payments.

BlogMutt - I find this a bit confusing but I think you write blog posts for upfront payments.

Crowd Content - (I'm waiting to be accepted or denied)

When you are paid: 
With these sites you sometimes get to choose when you are paid

Iwriter: You choose when out of these options:
minimim amount: $20
Paid on: Every Tuesday, Every other Wens-day, 5th of month, 25th of month
Paid by: Paypal

Article Teller: You have two options
Minimum amount: $25
Paid on: You choose either 5th or 25th
Paid by: Paypal

Other Writing Sites:
Unfortunately I was declined on these sites but you may want to try for them.

Hire Writers - I think you have to write a writing sample

Writer Access - You need a cover letter, resume, and writing sample

These are places that you can earn money with if they choose to publish your article / story

Funny Text - If you have a funny story you may want to submit it here

About.com - You are supposed to get $50 per submission, but I think it is for people who have expert knowledge in certain areas. Worth a try.

Dollar Stretcher - About frugal living and saving money

OnText - There are guidelines you may want to read first

Sites with valuable information:

Coffee  Break For Writers

TheWriter / Writer Mag

Writing For Dollars 

ProBlogger Board

If and when I come across any more information or sites I will list them on here.

Thanks for reading.