Answer Questions to Make Money

You can get paid to answer questions. Each site is a little different.

Weegy - You can leave the site open and whenever you hear a ding or bell it means that someone is asking a question, you can answer it or choose not to. You have 15 seconds to decide whether or not you want to answer it, or decline it.

A caution about Weegy: They deactivated my account and said my answers were wrong, just wanted to warn people who are interested in this. However, I have read that people are making up to $80 a month with this site alone.

Experts123 - You have to submit a very short profile to be accepted. 

Just Answer - Unless I'm looking in the wrong place then you have to have a degree and working experience but for those of you who have expertise knowledge, it may mean extra income. 

KGB - You have to pass this test, the test is somewhat frustrating but somewhat fun. Once you pass it then you can start work I suppose. You can take the test as many times as you need. I've taken it twice and the last time I almost passed but didn't. Once I pass, I'll write more about it.

WebAnswers - You have to have a google adsense account and you earn by that, but you answer questions also. I particularly don't care for the setup of how you earn so I don't do this one. Thought I would mention it though.

This is new so I don't have proof of payment to show anyone quite yet.

By the way, You can get on the Cha Cha waiting list to be informed when they are hiring again.